Pack Like a Pro

The trick to packing for travel is to create a master list of every item you might ever travel with including winter wear, beach gear, gadgets, etc.  Work from that list, crossing off and deleting things as you go based on the type, destination, and duration of your journey. This ensures you will never forget anything or pack things you won’t actually need/use.  This will help to lighten your luggage and make your travels much more enjoyable!


Packing Cubes Are Key


If you’ve not yet experienced the wonders of traveling with packing cubes, now’s the time to get on board. For around $20, you can score a set of nylon packing cubes (typically sold in threes) from Eagle Creek or eBags. I began using packing cubes several years ago and love that they enable me to keep my clothing, shoes, cosmetics and other items sanitary and wrinkle-free. I found using 6 or more packing cubes, depending on the length of travel and special occasions that call for extra clothing is helpful.


Organize Your Luggage


Packing cubes make it easy to organize all the loose items in your luggage: night wear/underwear and socks in one cube, T-shirts/blouses in another, pants/jeans, swim gear, formal wear/dresses and shoes all in separate cubes. Packing cubes make loading and unloading of your bag much easier when on the road. Using  packing cubes makes it possible to completely unpack and repack your entire bag in less than a minute. They also help streamline the process of TSA tossing your luggage during random “screenings.”


So Long, Farewell


Happy Packing!