Do You Think I’m Crazy For Launching a Travel Business During a Pandemic?

Do You Think I’m Crazy For Launching a Travel Business During a Pandemic? Well, I didn’t ask for it, but it found me. Let me tell you how it all started…


Vision Board

At the tail end of December 2019, I hosted a vision board party, where I made my first vision board. I noticed that over 1/4 of my vision board was dedicated to travel. Part of my vision was to travel more with family, friends, girlfriends, and my boyfriend. It didn’t matter to me if they are day trips, weekends, or the BIG birthday trip that I take each year to Las Vegas.


Facebook Group

On January 1st, I created a “Ladies Only Travel” Facebook group and invited 20 of my girlfriend that I had either traveled with previously, or presumed would be fun on future trips. As a tagline, I encouraged them to invite other ladies that love to travel, as well.

One of my girlfriends invited over 130 women to the group in span of a couple weeks. My initial reaction was, “Hey, wait! This group is for people we know, and I don’t know all of these women.” The more I thought about it, the more I realized how exciting it would be to meet a bunch of ladies who want to do ladies trips just like me! I also thought about all of the new friends I would be making, and that solidified it for me. As a self-proclaimed painfully extroverted person, this made me very happy.

By the end of January, there were around 1,000 women in the group and by the end of February, there were 2,000. Today, there are nearly 3,200 women from over 42 countries. When I say this found me, I mean it. I wasn’t looking to start anything, let alone start a traveling business in the middle of a global pandemic. Nevertheless, here we are!

By nature, I have always had a heart to serve others. This group has provided me with an outlet to do what I love the most. This experience has also shown me that I am not the only one who loves traveling with other women, and it is a common thread between all 3,200 of us. Ladies, you know we travel differently when a man is around. Oftentimes, we want to go somewhere specific or do something fun, but then won’t bring it up because we know that:

A. He will say no, or make its sound like a bad idea.

B. Will do it, but secretly doesn’t really want to.

As a result, we usually give up and miss out on the experiences that we really wanted to participate in while we travel.

So, why would I start a travel business during COVID-19 when traveling nearly stopped dead in it’s tracks? Opportunity and hope. The growth of this women’s only traveling Facebook group happened despite the pandemic, and the connections were still being made. This led me to understand two things about women:

1. They WANT To travel.

2. They WANT to travel together.

The reason why this group has been so successful in its member growth is due to the fact that I thoughtfully work through a concept and found the right team players. The intention of this business is to offer hope for women travelers that we’ll all be back to doing what we love soon enough!


Thank you to everyone who has supported me!

I must give a shout out to all of my girlfriends, and especially those who helped in creating this amazing adventure. A special acknowledgment to my friend, Holly, as well as my mom, my aunt, my friends who provided prizes for our giveaways and helped with our parties. In addition, I’d like to thank our amazing photographers who clearly saw my vision and brought it to life. To my outstanding business coach, Kinsey, for steering me in the right direction and helping me believe in my gut-instinct. Also, a special thanks to my outstanding web designer who saved my life! Additionally, my four beautiful daughters who believed in me and encouraged me to develop this growing business in order to create a legacy for them and other women. To my ever-giving boyfriend who cheered me on the entire time and inspired me to dream bigger. And, most importantly, God, for the inspiration.

In close, pack your bag ladies, we are going places!

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