About Ladies Only Travel

We Seek to Inspire Trust

Along these exclusive trips, our hope is to provide ladies with the opportunity to build solid, long-lasting relationships. Travel can be seen as a sacred journey, as many people use this time to relax, unwind, let loose, find themselves, etc. We believe there is really no better way to experience new places, than alongside new faces that want to be there with you.

Additionally, as you form bonds and create new friendships, we understand that as women, our safety is always at the forefront of our minds. When out and about in different travel areas, touristy or not, we know that not everyone has our best interests in mind. We take the safety of ourselves and our new friends very seriously and heavily prioritize that during your trips with us. We here at Ladies Only Travel know there is safety in numbers. You can feel confident traveling knowing that your safety is our top priority, and we advocate and encourage looking out for your fellow sisters along these trips as well.

As one of our steps to ensure your safety during these travels, we only work with experienced, reputable travel partners who offer high-level service. These quality accommodations are implemented because our only wish is that you have an amazing time and feel pampered, prioritized, and valued. Working with trustworthy companies, hotels, and accommodation services allows us to put our best foot forward in demonstrating how much we prioritize your travel experience with us.


Tell Visitors What They Want to Know

The main mission of Ladies Only Travel is to provide women with the opportunity to travel with purpose. Regardless of your personal purpose for traveling, our goals still remain true – we want to help other women and experience new things alongside women who share the same passions. Prioritizing women is at the forefront of our business, and providing a positive outlet for women to feel valued, important, and beautiful is what keeps us going.

As you travel with us, we do all of the work. Not only will you find an immense ease as you travel with us – being that the boring things like planning, calling, and setting up excursions are out of the way – but, we also offer a variety of different travel experiences. Each trip will be different and unique, as activities will pertain to the destination, as well as the overall tone of the trip. You have the opportunity to participate in relaxing spa experiences, thrilling adventures, wild road trips, fun-packed weekends, low-key retreats, and much more!

In efforts to really drive home our mission statement of bringing women together, inspiring them to be themselves, and encouraging unapologetic fun, we produce all of this through common interests. If you are currently reading this, we have something in common – we both love to travel, we’re both women, and we both want to live an extraordinarily fun life. As you travel with us, you will meet other like-minded women who feel the exact same way as you do, and want to build friendships atop those shared interests. Its a win-win!

Now, to get into the nitty-gritty. We here at Ladies Only Travel believe that specifics are better than bold claims, and we strive to be as transparent as possible with our new friends. As it is clear to see, this traveling group is called “Ladies Only Travel”. There are no men on these trips, nor are they invited or allowed to participate. In the interest of respecting everyone’s vacation, we ask that you leave your men at home and deep-dive into a women-focused trip.

Lastly, our most important consideration is FUN. Good, ol’ fashioned fun! Our hope is that you pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and step foot off that plane feeling like a million dollars.


The Birth of Ladies Only Travel

As this business has flourished, we have received many questions on why Jodi, our founder, started this. Initially, it seemed insane to grow a business during the COVID-19 pandemic, but this business persisted and grew right before her eyes. Jodi quickly realized that there were other women, just like her, who were yearning for this sense of adventure. She found that creating Ladies Only Travel would give women  the chance to see new places, meet new people, and live an adventurous life, but in a safe group setting where friendships could grow and fun could take place on their terms.

It is no secret that women travel differently than men. In efforts to not stereotype or shame women or men, or how they behave on vacations, but there are oftentimes obvious discrepancies. In discussions with other women, and through my own personal experiences as well, sometimes men simply don’t want to do what you want to do, and/or vice versa. Perhaps your man wants to stay in the hotel tonight, but you would rather go to dinner, grab a drink or two, and let down your hair. One person will have to sacrifice, and that doesn’t always make for the best trip. During a female-only traveling experience, you get to do what you want to do, and the excursions we host fall in line with that message.

Our founder, Jodi, alongside the many fabulous women who brought this dream to life, want women to feel pampered, safe, and beautiful. There is an overwhelming amount of societal pressure placed on women in today’s world, and we as women wear many hats. Additionally, there are undoubtedly many life stressors that occur in women’s lives that they won’t bring themselves to discuss. Regardless of circumstance or stage of life, we understand the need for self-care and pure enjoyment. Ladies Only Travel provides you a pocket of time away from life, where you can reconnect with yourself, shed those stressful layers off your back, and simply put – give yourself a break!


Our Values

The driving force behind Ladies Only Travel is to give back to other women. We acknowledge the necessity for bliss, adventure, and belly-aching-laughter! Ladies Only Travel was created, constructed, and produced by women, for women, with women as the center focus. Our goal is to give back to women by offering them the respect and  helping-hand they may need, whenever they need it. By showing women a good time and valuing their uniqueness, you reinforce that there is friendship and love behind unopened doors – and we conduct business with this in mind.

Additionally, one of our ever-important values was to construct a way for women to travel with a purpose. Many seek out traveling to reconnect, or connect, with themselves again, or make new friends, or step away from life for a while – the list can go on forever. With Ladies Only Travel, you can travel with all of these goals in mind, but in a group setting! Group settings allow you to travel to new places, stay safe, build bonds with new friends, experience adventure, and much more.

In today’s COVID world, it is vital, now more than ever, to help women create long-lasting memories and relationships with other people. This time can be incredibly isolating and scary, and the love for traveling truly glues us all together. Ladies Only Travel allows you to take a chance, do something wild, and create memories that you’ll fondly reflect on in the years to come. Not only will you have those memories, but you will also have new friends! As Ladies Only Travel travels to various destinations with various different groups of women, you will always have the opportunity to make new, lasting friendships and bonds with women that you perhaps would have never met.

Inadvertently, experiences like these can heavily impact the way you feel about yourself. It is so easy to get caught up in the mundaneness of life and feel as though you will only ever be who you are today. Although it may be hard to believe, traveling can open up new worlds for you on your road to self-discovery, and allow you to build your self-worth. You can try new foods, do crazy things, participate in wild excursions, and truly prove to yourself that you are whoever you want to be whenever you want to be it. We are our hardest critics, and traveling can open our eyes to appreciate ourselves more and value ourselves for who we are as humans. As you travel with us, our hope is that you see how important you are to the world and to other women, and elevate your opinions about yourself.

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